During the early morning, Jamaica was born the daughter of L-Ghent

In the early hours of Monday, at 4.29, Jamaica was born, the first daughter of L-Ghent, one of the most popular musical artists of the moment. The singer posted a photo of his baby on his Instagram account, moments after giving birth and shared the happy news with his followers.

“While I have contractions, I read what they put on me and they are great. Thank you very much really. If they only knew how they helped me all this time by raising my spirits and self-esteem ”, wrote Tamara, L-Gante’s girlfriend in the same social network, moments before the birth of Jamaica.

The girl was admitted to the clinic where her daughter was born around 22 and, for several hours, posted on her Instagram stories memes of the singer’s fans who were anxiously waiting for the good news.

After Jamaica was born, both Tamara and L-Gante uploaded several images of the new family member through the networks.

In late July, the musician confirmed the news of the pregnancy. “Today I have a proud mother and a daughter on the way to whom I will be able to give everything, even what we did not have. Today I am just 21 years old and today that is my greatest reason to be happy, “he expressed very emotionally at that time.

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