Durango prosecutor denies presence of armed commandos in La Laguna

The Durango state attorney general, Ruth Medina Alemán, denied the presence of armed groups in La Laguna as recently denounced by a group of civil associations, and announced that she will have to request more information from the Security Committee.

“We have had meetings with them every month, I am surprised by that publication in the press that could alarm, and above all because we do not have data from an armed commando that alters us, “he said.

Reason why you indicated that you will request a meeting with Gerardo Ibarra, coordinator of the Security and Justice Table in La Laguna.

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“That is why I am going to invite you to provide us with the data, because reviewing, there is no precedent and we do not want an issue in the public image as something that is being neglected.”

The prosecutor commented that there is a constant in the matter of crimes, which are classified by polygons, where the constant considers that it is derived from the economic situation of the families.

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“We have a constant, we have classified in which polygons, we are doing protection measures with the Municipal Police itself, robberies very derived, especially due to economic conditions,” he said.

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