Due to rain, the Police have water up to their knees

It is the rainy season and for the agents of Transit This means facing floods and stagnations at different points in the Mexico City, which in addition to their surveillance and mobility tasks is the removal of garbage that can cover the drain.

“We take a tour, we are locating which are the points that get flooded, we arrive, we mark them … then we already know where to attack and solve it,” he says. Antonio Salmerón, Transit commander in the area of Polanco.

Thus, as soon as storm clouds threaten on the horizon, the agents begin to remove garbage and remove everything that in their opinion can cover the drain.

On September 7, Commander Salmerón went viral on social networks for speeding up traffic in the vicinity of the Israelita sports car, before reaching Conscripto… with knee-deep water. And the fact is that motorists did not dare to cross the puddle, so the agent showed them how far the water reached.

“I had the water at the level of my waist, I am 1.70 meters high, it was when I uncovered the drain, I removed the lid so that the water flowed better and I began to give mobility on Peripheral”, he tells 24 HOURS.

In last week’s video, the agent is seen mobilizing the vehicles:
– “What is he doing in the water?”, They question him.

– “Helping people to circulate, so that they see that it is not very deep, that it is possible to circulate and that there is no traffic,” Salmerón responds.

What was not seen in the networks is that shortly after being recorded the agent slipped due to a plastic bag under water: “I got all wet … I took a dip.”

That day the agent went out of his perimeter to support the drivers, since he normally operates on the slopes of National Army, Circuit at the height of Thiers and Reform where does the Chapultepec Forest.

Regarding the behavior of the citizens, the commander said that that day people were thanking him with their thumbs up … but on other occasions, such as when there are marches on roads like Reforma and the traffic must be diverted, people get upset.

“Normally they get angry … what they do not know is that we do it for their safety so that they do not pass through the marching areas and we give road alternatives, but we do it for their good.”

On the other hand, when they congratulate him, the feeling is of happiness and satisfaction for the duty carried out towards the city and its inhabitants.

“It’s very nice… I’m eight and a half years old at the institution. There are quite a few occasions that I carry out this type of action and I am not the only one, several colleagues do the same. I ran with the luck that a citizen recorded me, but all the elements have gotten into the puddles on different occasions to uncover the drains, give mobility and security ”.

I like my job and I will continue to give everything for the citizens … my family thinks it is a dangerous job, but they are very proud “
Antonio Salmeron
Transit Commander


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