Due to a judicial ruling, Boca will have to pay almost 3 million pesos for Pablo Pérez

In this case, the Country Club San José Sports Center benefits.

Boca Juniors received a notification about a ruling by Pablo Pérez and will have to pay a sum close to three million pesos from an update of the contract of the former player of the club.

In this case, benefits to the Polideportivo Country Club San José, an amateur institution in the city of Rosario where the current Newell’s midfielder began his path in the sport, whose compensation runs from training rights.

The ruling bears the signature of the judge in Civil and Commercial Matters of the 14th Nomination, Marcelo Quaglia, who ordered Boca to pay the sum of 2,855,473 pesos. After knowing this average, the reasons were released in a 32-page file.

“In February 2018, Boca signed a new contract with the player,” they argue and add that “The compensation that corresponds to be paid in concept of Sports Training Law in collective sports must be made effective each time the professional athlete signs a new contract”.

“Although Boca is an entity that resists the payment of these claims questioning the constitutionality of the law in all the lawsuits in which it is sued, it expressly accepts that national law No. 27,211 provides for the renewal of contracts as a supposed generator of the right of training clubs “, he sentenced.

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