Dua Lipa becomes a Japanese cartoon in her new music video

Although the theme ‘Levitating’ by singer Dua Lipa It had already been released with a music video in which he is seen being the soul of a party inside an elevator, it seems that this idea in the end seemed the most boring and flat to this artist of British origin. Therefore, he set about giving us a different version, a much more animated one, literally speaking.

This upbeat song by Dua Lipa now also has a anime-themed video. If this word does not sound familiar to you, it refers to the audiovisual work of the popular Japanese cartoons that so fascinate the generations of before and now. The singer and songwriter of Kosovar Albanian origin, collaborated with an animation collective called ‘NOSTALOOK‘to specify the aesthetics that his new audiovisual production would have.

The animated version of ‘Levitating’ It is inspired by those more classic anime series dating from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, with which many of us grew up and which are still seen by children and youth today. This video was directed by Yu Tsubaki and the result of your effort and creativity is truly amazing.

But it is to a specific Japanese cartoon that the new musical is being compared to. Dua Lipa; It’s about Sailor Moon, who tells us the story of a group of girls who are in secondary education and who discover that they are ‘sailor senshi’ with the mission of defeating the world’s enemies and saving the princess of the Moon.

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Although in its short plot we do not see the interpreter of ‘Be The One‘fight against any enemy, the type of animation that has turned her into a’ magical girl ‘and in which very feminine elements also appear such as some makeup, fashion, brightness and colors so striking that we cannot help but remember the power of Moon.

Another reference to which the anime video of the winner of Grammy British, is with the musical ‘Interstella 5555’ by the band Daft Punk in collaboration with Leiji Matsumoto and Toei Animation. In this way, it is reaffirmed that even the most influential artists have a ‘geek’ side and are not afraid to show it.

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In addition to this experience close to Japanese animation, Dua Lipa She has also had participation in some video games, specifically with the role of a player in the Volta mode in FIFA 21. Do not stop enjoying the new music video of this popular English interpreter that is taking over the scene in every way possible.

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