Drunk driver was arrested for causing an accident in Torreón

A drunk driver was arrested after starring in a road accident during the first hours of this Saturday east of the city of Torreón.

The events occurred around 6:00 in the morning at the height of Monte Real Boulevard and Cerrada Amanecer.

The damaged vehicle is a 2000 model gray Dodge Stratus driven by 27-year-old Charli Alan.

The first expert reports indicated that the unit circulated from east to west along the side dirt road of Monte Real Boulevard and at one point, the driver tried to join said road through an area where there is no road, so his vehicle ended up stuck in the road. cordonería.

Some motorists who were circulating in the area, observed the road accident and made the corresponding report through a telephone call to the state emergency 911 system.

The first to arrive at the scene were the elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate, who stopped the driver of the car, as he started to run when he observed them.

The personnel of the Department of Experts of the Municipal Court of Justice, was in charge of taking knowledge of the facts.

No injured persons were reported, only considerable material damage.

The vehicle was removed from the scene with the help of a crane and deposited in a city yard for safekeeping.

The driver of a unit was detained at the disposal of the Investigating Agent of the Public Ministry, since he was in a state of drunkenness.

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