Drugs: fell two months ago after a crash and now, after voting

A young man who had marijuana found in his car in July, after a traffic incident, was arrested again yesterday, after voting, as the investigation deepened and it was discovered that, supposedly, he was selling drugs.

He was identified as Braian Héctor Valentini, who was arrested by DDI personnel at School No. 48, owned by Fabián González 290, after casting the vote in the PASO.

Valentini was investigated by the prosecutor Mauricio del Cero for two months, after a collision between two cars that he starred in in Guatemala and Zelarrayán.

When the Police appeared in the emergency, they discovered that in the car driven by the named there was a total of 115 grams of marijuana bud.

In this procedure, his cell phone was seized, which was analyzed and from which communications emerged that link him with the commercialization of drugs (marijuana, cocaine and LSD) in fractioned doses destined for potential consumers, at least between September 3, 2019 and last July 1.

The court order was ordered by the Judge of Guarantees Marisa Promé.

Police sources reported that the defendant has some degree of relationship with Julio Jonathan Andrés (29), detained on Saturday night in the public thoroughfare of Beruti at 600, also by the DDI.

In this case, Andrés was suspected of selling drugs between March 27 and April 1, within the framework of Preparatory Criminal Investigation 6899/19, the same one that involves Valentini.

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