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In summary, the news has gone viral that the rapper would be sued by a model, supposedly, because he caused damage to his intimate area after placing hot sauce to a condom.

However, in this case, Drake would have caused burns to the woman with said substance.

Rumors began to circulate after the model, whose name is not known, told the page ‘Too Much Hot Tea’, what had happened that night.

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After flirting a bit, the two set a date and a place to meet in what would be something romantic.

They went to a party, then to the hotel, and then they had sexual intercourse. However, the act would have ended quite badly.

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As reported by the woman on the blog, the rapper admitted what he had done. However, so far, Drake has not made any public statements.

His reasons are, for many followers, valid, since this method is his way of avoiding unwanted pregnancies or sperm theft.

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What is known so far is that the rapper and the model met through social networks. When they met, they consensually decided to have intimate relationships, something that Drake clarified several times.

However, the demand it might not proceed as the model intentionally rubbed the condom which ended up causing irritation.

Likewise, the rapper could sue for non-consensual removal of the condom, digital media reported.

Through a post on his Instagram account, the man wrote in the description.

“You can have your 15 minutes of fame… I keep the other 23 hours and 45 minutes,” he said.

Many Internet users believe that the message is for the model. However, there is no official response from the singer.

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