Download the free Android apps today, Thursday, January 13

Android again he placed temporary offers for all his Applications. Check out those that are available for today January 13th in Google Play, in order to obtain all the games Y apps for free that interest you.

All apps for free have good reviews and ratings (between three and five stars) by the users registered on the platform Google Play. The softwares Reduced prices are recommended to all audiences, especially newer users.

Applications that are available today Thursday, January 13 are presented here in Tecno Game.

Google Play, official platform for Android

Google Play is the official and digital distribution platform for all mobile applications of this operating system. The service was born in 2012 after the merger of Google Music and Android Market. The softwares that can be found here range from games, music, books, magazines and movies, among others. Users are advised to obtain the apps on this platform and not on others websites to prevent malicious download.

Currently, this platform is also powered by others. For example, if a Username buy a movie through Google Play, you can see it in Google TV in a Smart TV, since the client it is the same for the generic service.

Number of apps on Google Play

The sitio web Appbrain conducted a study that is updated every day about the number of apps in Google Play during the last two years, analyzing the total of softwares that are available. The last statistic measured on this platform was the past January 11, in which there were a total of 1,987,562 applications.

Number of apps on Google Play according to Appbrain study

These are the free apps that Google Play has during this Thursday, January 13

  • Over the bridge Pro: game of skill, in which using your fingers on the screen, you have to cross long platforms with the help of a bridge.
  • RPG missile– A 2D game in which two species of amoeba must fight against various monsters.
  • Infinity Dungeon– Simple game in 2D quality, in which the protagonists must fight monsters.
  • Merge Number Puzzle: app to make puzzles.
  • Tap Legend Premium: RPG game in which, through a long 2D adventure, the protagonists must defeat various enemies.
  • Theme Solitaire Card Games: This themed solitaire with beautiful drawings and minigames.

Apps for free as the ones just mentioned are the ones Google Play give gifts to your customers for a few days. Those offers can be downloaded only by entering the platform with the Android user.

Free app available on Google Play

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