Double goal scorer Stindl cracks Raphael’s record

With his brace against Bielefeld, Lars Stindl Gladbach not only paved the way for the first win of the season, but also blossomed into Borussia’s best competitive goal scorer of the millennium. Coach Adi Hütter expressly praised the captain’s class after the 3-1 win.

“Even at my age it is still an unbelievable feeling”: Lars Stindl.

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With the courageous pace of Bielefeld, the Gladbachers had their problems in the early phase of the game on Sunday, even Lars Stindl “got into the game more difficult,” said Adi Hütter, to continue his sentence with praise: “But it simply marks him too from the fact that he is there when you need him. ”

In Stindl’s 2-1 lead (69th) by means of what he himself says, “top discipline header”, Arminia had no chance to defend himself. At 1-0, which he initiated himself after 35 minutes, Stindl took heart from a distance , Jacob Laursen was still counterfeiting untenable. A shot like this from 20 meters was “not exactly my supreme discipline,” said the captain, who possibly realized before everyone else that cheers would soon break out: “I think, based on my perspective, I was the first in the stadium to see that the ball falls in the back. ”

Stindl just runs through it

After his first hit, Stindl started off full of ecstasy. “Scoring a goal from the barrel and sliding towards the corner flag – those are really great moments,” said the 33-year-old. “Even at my age, it’s still an incredible feeling.”

It was Stindl’s competitive goals number 71 and 72 for Borussia, for which he has been playing since 2015, when he came from Hannover 96 to the Lower Rhine. With his goal record, he has now overtaken Raffael as the most successful Gladbach goalgetter (71) of this millennium.

Stindl scored his 72 goals in 216 competitive games for Borussia, converting eight of twelve penalties, the double against Bielefeld was already his eighth for Gladbach, and twice he even managed a triple. The kicker has already named Borussia the “Player of the Game” 15 times.

All-clear for preparer network – concerns about Hofmann

The last pass before Stindl’s 1-0 win against Bielefeld was given by Luca Netz, who crowned his starting eleven debut and also delivered a very promising performance – before he had to leave the field after less than an hour. The 18-year-old had been treated longer on the lawn, his right leg caused problems, he was escorted out for support.

Hütter later gave the all-clear. “He ran out of strength and had a cramp,” said the coach of the Gladbach team, who will be visiting FC Augsburg on Saturday (3:30 pm, LIVE! At kicker). “It shouldn’t be that bad with him.”

Jonas Hofmann’s worries are greater. “He got a pressure bandage from the 35th minute on, but the risk of letting him continue playing with it was too great for us,” explained Hütter, who took Hofmann out during the break. “We hope it’s nothing bad.”

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