Donald Glover asks haters to tag him when they attacked him on social media

Donald Glover showed no fear of attacks

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino in the music business, shared a message to his haters on Twitter on Wednesday, asking them to directly attack him if they were going to “talk shit” about him. the tweet of Glover comes ahead of the third season premiere of her Emmy Award-winning series Atlanta: “Please tag me if you talk shit about me,” he tweeted Glover.

On thursday, Glover and FX have released a new trailer for Atlanta’s long-awaited return. The video shows Earn, Paper Boi, Van and Darius doing commercials for European products while a cover of OutKast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” plays in the background. The new season will follow the team as they embark on a European tour.

in may, Glover wrote on Twitter that the Culture of Cancellation has resulted in a situation where TV and cinema have become boring.

“I saw people here arguing about how tired they were of reviewing boring stuff (tv and movies),” he tweeted at the time. “We’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental bugs(?) because people are afraid of being cancelled. So they feel they can only experiment with aesthetics. (also because some of them know they are not so good)”, he said.

Check out the artist’s post below:

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