Doña Cuquita will be discharged next Thursday, after undergoing surgery

Doña Cuquita, matriarch of the Fernández family that she heads together with “El Charro de Huentitán”, will be discharged next Thursday, after undergoing an operation.

María del Refugio Abarca was admitted over the weekend to a hospital in Zapopan, Jalisco, to treat a hernia that she suffered.

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“(The operation) was already scheduled, it leaves on Thursday. It’s fine, thank God,” said a family member.

The intervention was carried out in a different hospital from the one where Vicente Fernández is, for more than a month. Abarca and Fernández have been together since 1963, having procreated Vicente Jr., Alejandro, Gerardo and Alejandra.

The 75-year-old woman and the interpreter of “Mujeres divinas” and “Hermoso cariño” had known each other since they were children in their native Jalisco, but his work for different entities delayed their falling in love.

In an interview for the magazine Hola México, Vicente recalled that one day he met a young woman who turned out to be the sister of one of his friends and he set out to conquer the girl he described as a “chaparrita caderona.”

In the talk, he recalled that when he asked if he wanted to be his girlfriend, Maria told him to wait for an answer on Sunday.

“And when the day came, he said yes,” he said.

Later, due to his continuous travels, Vicente told him that he better find a new boyfriend. But one day, when he returned to the village, he found the young woman with another man at the door of her house. He asked her who she was and she replied that she was her partner.

The singer only exclaimed: “I give you 10 minutes to leave it because you and I were married on December 27”.

On that date, 58 years ago, they got married. His family includes, in addition to four children, more than 10 grandchildren.

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