Don L, Leall, Sant, Major RD, Chief MD, Crystal, FBC, Tasha & Tracie, Rico Dalasam, Mu540 and more are among the finalists for the BR Inverse Rap Awards

Awards take place next Sunday

With the announcement of the Best Album finalists, the Inverse portal presented to the public all the nominees for the 12 award categories inverse of Rap BR, which will air this Sunday, at 7 pm, with support and production from Black Pipe Entertainment. The finalists were decided in two phases: in the first, the general jury, composed of the most diverse rap media in Brazil, indicated who should be in the final, and half of the vacancies were filled by the most voted by this jury.

In the second phase, a specialized jury, formed by Inverso’s critical team and guests considered to have ‘relevant level of knowledge’ of music and culture, defined the remaining vacancies, based on a list of 16 artists voted on by the general jury. In the next phase, the same specialized jury will define who deserves to win each category, starting from the finalists now announced.

The event will be broadcast live on Inverso’s YouTube and Twitch channels, where the winners will be revealed. The event will also feature live and pre-recorded performances, with confirmed artists such as MCs Rodrigo Ogi, Nic Dias, Victor Xamã, SD9, Coruja BC1 and Cristal.

Check out the full list of finalists:

Best album:
Leall – Ax Carved
Major RD – Trophy
Rico Dalasam – Dolores Dala Guardian of Relief
Sant & LP Beatzz – Rap by the New Bandidos
Flora Matos – On Flora’s Side
Thiago Elniño – Current,
Larinhx – I Like Girls
SonoTWS – Otra Fita

Best EP:
Big Bllakk – Errejotacultdrill vol. 1
Crystal – Quartz
FBC – Another Roll
Iza Sabino – I Like Girls
Murica – What’s Left of Marginália
Nic Dias – 1999
Tasha & Tracie – Board
Victor Shaman – Heat

Best track:
Don L – On the beat of the perfect search
Major RD – 60K
Matuê – Wants to Fly
MD Chief, Domlaike – King Lacoste
niLL, DijahSB – Control
Vandal, Djonga, BaianaSystem – Balah Ih Fogoh
Victor Xamã, Zudizilla – I Can See The Sun

Melhor track collab:
Vandal, Djonga, BaianaSystem – Balah Ih Fogoh
MD Chief, Domlaike – King Lacoste
Victor Xamã, Zudizilla – I Can See The Sun
Sant, SD9, VND, Tiago Mac – AQL SLV
SonoTWS, Materia Prima, Kamau – Sem Sono
niLL, DijahSB – Control

Best sung track:
Luiz Lins – Without You
Bivolt, Emicida – Me & You
Don L – On the beat of the perfect search
niLL, Ana Frango Elétrico – Singular
Rico Dalasam – Sudamericah Express
Flora Matos – Play Records

Best gringo album:
Kanye West – Donda
Little Simz – Sometimes I Might Be Introvert
J Cole – The Off-Season
Tyler, The Creator – Call Me If You Get Lost
Isaiah Rashad – The House Is Burning
Nas – Kings Disease 2

Best Artist:
Major RD
MD Chief
Victor Shaman
Flora Matos
Rico Dalasam
Tasha & Tracie

Best Producer:
the Adopted

MD Chief
Major RD

Nic Days
Indy Naíse

Best verse:
Zudizilla em I Can See The Sun
Kamau in Sleepless
Nabru in Experience
Saint in Essay on Lucidity (verse 1)
Flora in Conversation With The Sea (verse 2)
Leall in Pedro Bala (verse 2)

Best beat:
MU540 em SUV
Navigate in On the Beat of Quest
niLL in Control
Kiko Dinucci in Crash
VHOOR in Se Ta Single
DJ Caique em I Can See The Sun

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