The front Joaquín Larrivey spoke about his future after the victory of the U this Monday over the Spanish Union, meeting in which he was once again the protagonist and figure.

The ‘Bati’ assured that his representative has made clear their position on its continuity and assured that “everything is very clear.” By contract this would be the last championship of the Argentine with the U on his chest and while the fans cry out for his renewal, from the concessionaire that manages Universidad de Chile have not yet approached the footballer.

After the victory against the Union, Larrivey explained that “What my representative said is very clear. For now enjoy this and I am grateful for the people who show up, the affection is mutual, totally. But now I have to enjoy the present, what is left and I have four months left on my contract ”.

He added that the negotiation with the U is not being carried out with the importance that he expected, so they will begin to hear offers from other clubs, since at 37 years old the championship scorer wants to continue playing at the best possible level.

“Everything has already been said, nothing was changed from what I said last time. Not since what my representative said. Today I have this and I leave everything to my representative. Everything is already very clear and there is nothing more to add ”, sentenced.

The next game for the Blues is scheduled for Sunday, September 26 and is nothing more and nothing less than the classic cons Colo Colo.