Do you know the damage that fireworks do to our ears?

Mexico City.- For millions of Mexicans on September 15 and 16, are synonymous with celebration and tradition for Independence Day that are accompanied by typical stews, decoration, lighting of public spaces and ffireworks, This last factor is one of the most attractive and controversial; however, they also have their negative side for hearing health.

Fireworks – also known as rockets or pyrotechnics – are a spectacle for the eyes of many, but not for the ears. And it is that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended noise level to ensure good health and well-being is 65 dB. If the exposure is greater than 85 dB, there is already a risk of chronic hearing loss, whereas, if the exposure is repeated over time and above 100 dB, there is a risk of immediate loss.

“Specific exposures to high-intensity sound sources associated with these celebrations can produce different degrees of hearing loss, since the ear has a protection system against loud noises, but it is activated after 10 hundredths of a second, an ineffective interval in the case of pyrotechnics. Damage that occurs in the inner ear and that is irreversible, which can lead to its total loss ”, says Dr. Fernando Díaz Rojas, Commercial Director of MED-EL México.

It should be mentioned that, in the moment a rocket or firecracker explodes, the sound can reach up to 190 decibels, a number that triples and that the ear of an adult supports, but in the case of newborns and premature babies, these noises are much more vulnerable.

Hearing loss is an unseen condition

Without a doubt, for some children – under five years old – fireworks provide beautiful explosions of colors and sounds, a spectacle that, regardless of whether they occur in the sky or on the ground, children can present irreversible damages such as induced hearing loss. by noise, affecting many aspects of life, such as language acquisition, Since if you do not hear the sounds or conceptualize, it will be important that you go to your trusted specialist, this will give an advantage to detect the damage in a timely manner and resort to innovative hearing solutions such as the cochlear implant.

At MED-EL we want you detect the consequences in time of being exposed to this type of acoustic source:

Acúfenos o tinnitus, usually appear almost immediately after detonation. They can be temporary or permanent, and of different intensity.
Temporary or permanent hearing loss, of varying degrees, unilateral or bilateral, generally due to damage to the inner ear that is irreversible.
Tympanic membrane perforation, with bleeding from the ear, decreased hearing and pain, in cases of nearby explosions.
Balance disturbances regardless of whether you are standing, sitting or lying down, with a feeling of weakness or vertigo.

Finally, the specialist highlights that hearing loss is a condition that is not seen and therefore in most cases can be avoided through care, and if any of the aforementioned symptoms appear, consult your trusted specialist to treat it in time with hearing solutions according to your needs.

At MED-EL we have a great commitment to hearing Mexicans, and we want this celebration to be so special and enjoy it for sure.

About MED-EL

MED-EL, headquartered in Innsbruck (Austria) and with 30 offices around the world, is a leading international provider of hearing implant systems. In 1977, Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair and Prof. Dr. Erwin Hochmair, Austrian scientists and founders of the company, developed the first multi-channel cochlear implant, while in 1990 they laid the foundations for the company’s history by hiring the first employees. Currently, the company has 2,000 employees.

The cochlear implant was and still is lthe first effective and feasible replacement of a sensory organ. Cochlear implants, middle ear implants, the EAS (Combined Electrical Acoustic Stimulation) system, the brainstem implant (ABI), as well as the first active bone conduction implant, make up the broadest product range in the world than MED -EL offers implantable solutions in the sector for the treatment of different types of hearing loss. Today, patients in more than 123 countries around the world can hear thanks to MED-EL products.

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