Do you have a Galaxy ?: Samsung will delete this data from its cloud

If you have these important files stored in Samsung Cloud, you should download them as soon as possible to avoid their loss.

Samsung A few years ago, it started an update process for its Samsung Cloud cloud storage service and is preparing to end the data download support next month. The Korean firm sent emails to Samsung Cloud users reminding them of the deadline.

As of September 30, Samsung Sync and Drive storage for My Files are no longer supported by Samsung Cloud and the data will be deleted. the email says.

It also announced a service termination schedule showing tools that are no longer available. September 30 was the final deactivation of the functions subject to end. This deadline may vary by region or user group. For example, users in Argentina received the following schedule:

  • October 1st: Current use of gallery and drive sync will be discontinued. OneDrive migration support will end (only data download will be available). The then current premium storage subscription will be automatically canceled and the last payment will be refunded.
  • December 1st: The aforementioned functions can no longer be used again. Migration to OneDrive and data download will be available.

If you have important photos and videos stored in Samsung Cloud, you should download them as soon as possible. Check your inbox for official communications from Samsung about the upcoming disappearance of the Samsung Cloud. The company is likely to send these reminder emails to users around the world.

How to download data from Samsung Cloud?

When Samsung first announced this phasing out of Samsung Cloud, it offered users the ability to move their data to Microsoft’s OneDrive service. But support ended for users, so downloading data locally is the only option left. The process is not complicated.

The easiest way to download your Samsung Cloud Data is from your mobile phone Galaxy. You must go to Settings >> Accounts and backup and search for Samsung Cloud. Once you click on Samsung Cloud, a “Download my data” button at the top will allow you to download your data.

If you don’t have enough storage capacity on your phone, you can also download your data from Samsung Cloud to a computer. Visit the official website of Samsung Cloud and go to the Gallery to download your data.

Samsung will not stop offering Samsung Cloud in its entirety: It will continue to store your contacts, calendar, documents and notes. But you will no longer be able to backup your photos and videos.

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