Do many too seldom: It’s so easy to descale your SodaStream

Having a soda stream in the house saves you from lugging around bottles of water. With the push of a button you can turn tap water into sparkling water and enjoy it.

What many do not know: the SodaStream should also be descaled from time to time so that it does its job in the long term. To properly clean your bubbler, you need citric acid or a descaler with citric acid. You may already have it at home if you regularly remove limescale from your coffee machine or kettle.

This is how the descaling of the Soda Stream works

In addition to other household appliances, the SodaStream should also be descaled regularly


First, follow the directions on the citric acid packaging to dose the right amount of the remedy. Pour some into the Soda Stream bottle and top up with tap water up to the line. Now place the vessel in the bubbler and press the bubble button for a few seconds. Then leave the product in the bottle for around 15 minutes before pouring it away and rinsing the bottle with clear water.

To remove all citric acid residue, fizz the bottle 2-3 times with clean water in the soda stream.

If you use your SodaStream often, you should descale it every 2-3 weeks. However, this also depends on the water hardness.

tip: To keep the bottles clean longer and to prevent germs from forming, it is better to drink from glasses than straight from the bottle.

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