Disney budget for series and films will increase by about a third in 2022

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Disney is serious about the fight against the streaming competition: Next year, a record amount of 33 billion dollars is to be invested in the Maushaus for new series and films. Netflix was last at $ 14 billion.

A total of 33 billion US dollars are to flow into fresh film and series content at the Walt Disney Company next year. This staggering amount corresponds roughly to the total wealth of the richest German or the gross domestic product of the whole of Jamaica. In the internal industry ranking, the second placed market participant, namely WarnerMedia, who wants to spend almost 20 billion, is left behind by a large margin. Netflix invested in 2020 “only“14 billion, although it is still unclear how much it will be in 2022.

Disney’s new investments have officially been running since October 1, 2021, when the new fiscal year will de facto begin for the US group. Of course, not the entire 33 billion will be earmarked for the prestige Disney + project. Part of the money is also earmarked for linear programs and movies. Compared to last year, the new budget represents an increase of $ 8 billion, or about a third. Which is amazing when you consider that the world’s largest media company laid off more than 32,000 employees during the Corona crisis.

In its annual report, Disney pointed out that the $ 33 billion will only actually be invested if the pandemic does not cause further setbacks. The increase was also referred to as “DTC-Expansion“(The abbreviation stands for”Direct-to-Consumer“), Which means that you want to promote the streaming platforms Disney +, Hulu or ESPN + in particular. That concerns the eight additional billion, while a large part of the total amount will certainly also be devoured for sports licenses and other things.

How many Disney series and films can we expect?

The company itself expects 50 new films (for cinemas or VoD platforms) as well as 30 comedy, 25 drama and at least ten animation series (including new seasons of existing formats) in 2022. There are also up to 60 reality shows, 15 documentary series and five television films. All of this is distributed, for example, on channels such as ABC, National Geographic, FX and the Disney Channel.

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