Disappointing TV rate at the Nations League final

Around 3.25 million people saw the final of the Nations League between France and Spain on Sunday on ARD. A market share of 11.8 percent, which corresponds to roughly half of the otherwise broadcast “Tatort”.

The French selection celebrates winning the Nations League against Spain.

picture alliance / AA

On Sunday evening at 8.45pm the time had come: France and Spain contested the second final of the young Nations League competition. On paper an attractive pairing that actually offered high-class sporting entertainment with a better outcome for the Grande Nation, especially in the second round. The interest of the audience in front of the television sets was still very limited. As the ARD reported on Monday, only around 3.25 million people watched the title decision. This would correspond to a market share of around 11.8 percent.

A disappointing result, as the “crime scene”, which can otherwise be seen on this broadcasting slot, usually generates more than twice as many viewers. But even within football, these are not impressive numbers. In the summer of this year, 20.9 million people watched the final of the European Championship between Italy and England. The audience’s disinterest cannot be attributed to a lack of German participation.

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