Diet: what for dinner to avoid gaining weight

To wear a healthy diet You must remember that it does not only matter what you eat, but also what time you eat and how much you eat, because variations in those small details can make you gain or lose weight, that is why some nutritionists have shared some tips to keep you a healthy body.

Now, something we must understand is that during the night the body has a low caloric expenditure, so you do not need to eat large amounts of food, on the contrary, if within your diet you eat more than what the body needs to produce energy, then the surplus will end up accumulating as fat.

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So what would be the perfect dinner? According to the nutritionist Ana Beltran shared with Telva, a suitable dish for dinner and have a Balanced diet is to eat vegetables accompanied by protein, but the key is to bet on a light protein such as white fish, a little chicken or turkey, even eggs.

So according to the nutrition expert, it is better not to eat fruit at nightWhat can be consumed is yogurt, but making it clear that if it is left for the night it should not be consumed at another time of the day so that the diet is balanced.

Another important point that you should consider is that pTo eat lightly during dinner you must find a way not to arrive hungry, but you should avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrates, so Ana Beltrán recommends that you opt for a balanced diet low in carbohydrates and normoprotein, it can be a yogurt and a handful of nuts.

Diet: what for dinner to avoid gaining weight PHOTO: FREEPIK

In case the hunger is great, the expert recommends eating half an apple before dinner, because it is a hydrate, it is that as she explains, if you eat a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in proteins, it is sure that it will make you hungry and take care of your health.

How to dine lightly without effort

If you are one of the people who does not have time to cook or simply does not want to do it, then you can buy the salad bags and put a little avocado and a little cherry tomatoes; You can also choose a couple of asparagus, a can of tuna in water, a hard-boiled egg or a little fresh cheese.

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In addition, you should avoid eating sandwiches, empanadas, or a fried snack such as potatoes, instead resort to your favorite salad or some vegetable cream, grilled vegetables, a little white fish, it can even be a yogurt but avoid fruits Dries that are difficult to digest will help improve your diet.

Diet: what for dinner to avoid gaining weight PHOTO: FREEPIK

Some other dinner ideas are warm green bean salad, quail egg, roasted sweet potatoes stuffed with avocado and quinoa, a stir-fry of artichokes, basmati rice and heura with soy sauce, plus you can have some vegetables before your dinner if you are very hungry.

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