Diego Pozo was satisfied by the delivery of his footballers

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After the tie against the Funebrero, Diego Pozo expressed: “I’m leaving sad because of Nicolás Romano’s injury, a boy who has been fighting for a long time and had to leave after a few minutes. I am satisfied with how the team provided the ninety minutes to win the game, but with the bitterness of not being able to win. “

The DT added: “We went forward the whole game with Andrada, Nicolás Romano; Tadeo Marchiori did well when he entered, we have to find a way to convert because attrition we are doing it. In the game against Atlanta we proposed and we couldn’t win. “

“We are a team that tries to play, that arrives neatly, and we have to continue down this path to win again“added the DT of Gimnasia y Esgerima who accumulated his fourth consecutive draw in the First National.

The former goalkeeper is happy with the response of the club’s youth and said: “I have known them for a long time and the only thing I ask of them is that when they have an opportunity to give themselves to the maximum, they are taking advantage of the chance to play. “

Gymnastics and Fencing have 9 games left to meet the objective of accessing the Reduced. Today they are in fifth place with 37 points, one behind Belgrano, the last team that would be playing for the second promotion.About the chances of his team he said: “We know that every game will be tough but we are going to fight it until the end. We have a short group that is doing their best to try to play for promotion. “

The next Gymnastics and Fencing match will be on Friday, September 17, against Nueva Chicago. The match will be played in Mataderos, at 5:35 p.m., on the 26th of the First National.

The word of Diego Pozo

Photos: Fernando Martínez / UNO

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