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“Diego Armando Maradona was worshiped not only for his prodigious juggling, but also because he was a dirty, sinful god, the most human of gods,” wrote the Uruguayan Eduardo Galeano, one of the great feathers that surrendered to the figure of the footballer and dedicated not only these words to him but several pages in books such as Football in sun and shade O Mouths of time. And he was not the only one. Authors such as Mario Benedetti, Manuel Vásquez Montalbán, Osvaldo Soriano, Eduardo Sacheri, Roberto Fontanarrosa, Juan Villoro, Martín Caparrós and even the nobel Mario Vargas Llosa himself have sought to understand the idol of the field and the man outside it, the hero and the villain, in novels, stories, poems or journalistic stories.

Película Maradona by Kusturica

Película Maradona by Kusturica.

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What do I care what Diego did with his life, what do I care what he did with mine

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Diego Maradona

These are some of the verses that make up the song that the singer Andres Calamaro dedicated to the footballer. Around there is a video in which Maradona himself sings alongside Calamaro and Fito Paez, another musician who offered him the verses of his song And give joy to my heart. Anyway, it’s that ‘Pelusa’ –one of his many nicknames– they dedicated many songs to him. Manu Chao, Los Piojos, Ratones Paranoicos and even the great Joaquín Sabina have been some of the composers who have invoked him in songs. The musical presence of his name is incredible: on the occasion of his death, the newspaper Ole managed to collect fifty! of topics dedicated to Maradona. It is said soon, but to see what other character easily reaches that number. The French-Spanish musician Manu Chao, one of his confessed fans, wrote him the song Life raffle:

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Diego Maradona

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