Diego Maradona dies: angel or devil?

DThe moment when Diego Maradona became legend, they painted it on a wall in the Argentine capital. In the neighborhood of Lomas de Marilo in Buenos Aires you can read: Diego Maradona sowed joy among the people. In addition to countless portraits of the superstar of Argentine sport who died a year ago, the path of the goal that made Maradona immortal as a footballer is recorded. The goal that after its historic solo run in the World Cup round of 16 against England to make it 2-0 is forever burned into the memory of football fans around the world.

A point for every change of direction, next to the names of the English national players who tried in vain to stop it. Peter Beardsley or Terry Butcher, for example. Or Peter Shilton duped in the gate at the very end of the run. The fact that some of the names of the English players are misspelled does not detract from the effect. They are only marginal figures anyway, happened to be there at an encounter with a god. It is a painting that, as it was in the Middle Ages, is intended to capture the decisive scenes of a historical battle for the night world. Scenes that should shape history in one way and no other. There are walls of houses that show him as an angel, others as a kind of bishop. But there are always religious references.

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