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These are some of the phrases left by the controversial world football star.

Ottavio Bianchi

Ottavio Bianchi with Maradona in Naples.

2. “Do you know what player I would have been if I hadn’t taken cocaine?”

3. “I don’t want to dramatize, but believe me they cut off my legs.”

4. “They took me out of football for good, I don’t think I will have another rematch.”

5. “I told Toresani on the field that I live in Segurola and Habana 4310 seventh floor. And let’s see if it lasts thirty seconds.”

6. “Sometimes the lows catch me, but I put on El Chavo and everything goes away.”

7. “My mom considered me the best in the world, so if she says so, it will be true.”

8. “Look, they have given me nicknames, but ‘Pelusa’ is the one that suits me the most because it brings me back to childhood in Fiorito. I remember the Cebollitas, the cane arches, when we only played for Coca and the sandwich That was purer. “

9. “This is not a farewell game. It’s a tribute game. I’m never going to leave football.”

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11. “If I have to apologize to someone, it is my daughters, my parents and the Boca fans because I missed five penalties in a row.”

12. “I play for you, mom.”

13. “Shilton, after many years I’m going to tell you the truth, it was with the hand (the goal against England)”.

14. “Boca played Boca and River was River. He played a great first half and in the second the panties fell off.”

16. “When I was a child I dreamed of buying a house for my mother. Later I bought her three.”

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17. “Lio (Messi), let the others talk that you are going to be the best in history. We will decide that when you finish the race. Today have fun and be happy with your family.”

18. “Do you know who has pressure? The man who goes to work at 4 am And cannot take 100 pesos home. He has pressure because he has to feed his children, I am not under pressure.”

19. “Hold Mouth! Mouth, you are my mother’s kiss.”

20. “Try to be happy playing soccer and make all of you happy. I think I did it.”

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