Diego Flores: why did Tomba score 8 goals in two games

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Then he was approached about the reason for the lack of goal of the number 9 of the team. “Both Tomás (Badaloni) and Alan (Cantero) who had to play nine were key in the two games, they made a very big effort for the team, that helps us to structure ourselves defensively, we quickly recover the ball and that. It gives us a lot of energy to use in the rest of the game. The lack of a goal does not worry me, that will come alone, “he said.

“The goal we set ourselves is to win the next game against Sarmiento,” he said.

Then the press asked him about the change in the first half of the young Altamira. “Facundo wasn’t playing a bad game, but it took me a while to adapt to the rival’s proposal and that’s when I decided that with another player with a less offensive profile, a midfielder, I was going to have a better chance of covering the departure of Emanuel Insúa. It wasn’t a performance decision, but it was a tactic, “he admitted.

“The message is to continue building on the same thing we have been talking about, the same guidelines, I think that the first half between the wind conditions and that I did not know how to adapt my team to the rival, there was a drop in our performance. In the second half Yes we were able to structure ourselves better defensively, we have players who are in a good physical level and that was the key to victory, “he added.

Finally, he pointed out: “We will find the ideal team when this process matures, there are still no starters, in fact in the last two games the key players were those who entered. They know that our goal is to build day by day, make us strong, physically, soccer and mentally in the week “.

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