Diego Brancatelli’s phrase after the PASO: “It is a hopeful defeat”

The journalist Diego Brancatelli optimistically analyzed the result of the Frente de Todos in the PASO, in which the opposition coalition Juntos prevailed at the national level and especially in the province of Buenos Aires, when speaking of a “Hopeful defeat”.

“It will sound strange and if you take it out of context, it will be a meme, but it is a hopeful defeat”, said the panelist from Intratables, in America TV, when Alejandro Fantino asked him “What happened?” before the astonished gaze of his companions.

Brancatelli pointed to the advisers of President Alberto Fernández, who in his opinion leaked information and gave him an erroneous view of the political landscape: “Perhaps Alberto is surrounded by people who tell him that things are fine and he does not understand or did not understand that things weren’t good ”.

The journalist later insisted that the result of the PASO can be reversed. “This defeat is symbolic. This is nothing, this was simply an internal choice “, he claimed.

“You have time to react until November. Nothing has been said, between now and November many things have to change and there if you want we can discuss ”, he asserted about the Government.

At that moment, Fantino asked him: “Can you turn it over?” And Brancatelli was convinced that in the general elections on November 14 the result will be different. “Totally. Without a doubt, ”he defended.

However, he left room for criticism and called for changes in government policy. “They have to do a lot: they have to start governing, do real Peronism. It is one thing to say, but it must be done: microeconomics, inflation, security and freedom ”, he affirmed.

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