Did everything rot between Pedro Fernández and Fernando Colunga?

‘Malverde: the patron saint’ promises to be a series that exceeds all expectations. This Telemundo project was originally going to star Fernando Colunga, who suddenly decided to leave production. It was there that it appeared Pedro Fernandez and confirmed that it would be he who would be the main star of the narcoseries.

Since then, there has been endless speculation about what happened and what the current relationship between Pedro Fernández and Fernando Colunga.

During the red carpet of the launch of this new series, People en Español asked the singer and actor if he had had the opportunity to speak with Fernando Colunga about what happened, what Pedro Fernandez he limited himself to answering: “No, absolutely nothing.”

Quite a challenge

When asked about his return to the world of acting, Pedrito commented: “When the first thing that surprises me comes is the invitation to be Malverde. I never imagined having the opportunity to do it. “

He confessed that he did not know much about the history of the drug trafficker Malverde so the first thing he asked “It was that they gave me a little time to be able to inform myself as well as possible of what we were talking about, of the character that was involved.”

He assured that the little he knew about the character is the same that most people know. But when he started to find out more about Malverde he ran into a person “Wonderful, charming, generous, protective; a character full of magic, magnetism ”.

It was then that he automatically understood the reasons why he has become a legend. A character who attracts crowds and ignites passions throughout all of Mexico.

Are you going to see the premiere of ‘Malverde: the patron saint’?


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