Dichiara, after the resounding victory: "Monte Hermoso is governed by the Montehermoseños"

The victory of the Frente de Todos was overwhelming in Monte Hermoso. The list that led Mayor Alejandro Dichiara as a candidate for provincial deputy and Diego Ramil as a candidate for first councilor Diego Ramil took the victory with no less than 63% of the votes.

Far below was the list of Juntos headed by the candidate for councilor José Luis Sánchez, which obtained 22.9% of the votes and even lower the percentage obtained by the candidate for councilor Paula Martínez, also from Juntos, with the 14.1% of the votes.

Dichiara celebrated the victory with a speech in which he highlighted the complexity of these years in which the municipal government had to face complicated and controversial decisions, such as closing the entrance to the city in the complex context of the pandemic.

“We had to return to the government thinking that we were going to continue with a growth destiny. We had planned to build with the entire cabinet, Deliberative Council and School Council, the Monte Hermoso that we dreamed of, after having had one of the best seasons. However, in March 2020 everything changed because of this pandemic that began to affect the world, “he said.

The applause from Dichiara and her team, after the resounding result.

He also asked for applause for the Secretary of Health, Jorge Busca, and for all health workers.

“Also for each and every one of the kids in the hospital, in the vaccinations, who were put on their shoulders this campaign and made difficult decisions. It was not easy to make decisions. We had neither more nor less to take care of the health of all the inhabitants “, he expressed.

“For us, one death was not a number. Unfortunately we had 13 in this pandemic,” he said.

He also pointed out that difficult decisions had to be made, such as asking the store to close at a certain time and for people not to circulate, to wear a mask, chinstrap and alcohol gel, and to respect social distancing.

Winner. The word of Diego Ramil, first candidate for councilor of the Frente de Todos.

“They told us that the only way for the virus to enter Monte Hermoso was for it to come from outside. We understood, by common sense, that having only one entrance, the only thing we could do was close the entrance and we were not afraid, because we cared. take care of people’s health, “he said, ratifying a decision that was widely criticized by the owners who do not live in the spa town.

“It is not worth going back and thinking with the newspaper on Monday if we did things wrong or did things right. If we were wrong in something, we apologize to everyone. The only thing we did was try to take care of the life of the Montehermoseños,” he said.

Finally, in a harangue tone, he stressed that the voting results confirmed that no one from outside comes to govern in Monte Hermoso.

“Monte Hermoso is governed by the Montehermoseños. This is the most voted list and is made up of men and women from Monte Hermoso. The people are the ones who elect us. No one comes to elect us, nor do they finger us,” he said with vehemence.

He also congratulated the other lists and celebrated the democratic day, “at the height of the circumstances.”

“Today it was demonstrated, in this city, with this vote, that the people of Monte Hermoso vote for Montehermseños,” he concluded.

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