Diana Gómez de Valeria’s passion for football


The Netflix figure has other interests that take her away from the cameras. He knows all about his fanaticism for Lionel Messi.

Diana Gómez, the Spanish star of Valeria.

© GettyDiana Gómez, the Spanish star of Valeria.Camille Lopez

One of the great attractions of Netflix it has to do with his ability to catapult actors to the top of the industry. Local personalities become international celebrities after going through the most important productions of the streaming platform. A perfect example is Diana gomez, who knew how to shine in the series Valeria to later have a more than special participation in money theft. But acting is not his only passion.

The 32-year-old actress began her career when she was just 17, appearing in a few films with supporting roles. However, his main role in Eloise, an LGBT+ film released in 2009, made her one of the young promises of Spanish cinema. Thus, he continued to be part of some very interesting films, even if eventually his course was towards the TV.

The secret of the Old Bridge Where 45 tours were among the hit series he joined. But the arrival on Netflix in her life has made her a celebrity that arouses the curiosity of all fans. Tatiana, Berlin’s wife in money theft, and Valeria Ferriz Henares, in Valeria, have become his most popular characters. And while it seems like he only lives to be successful in streaming, in reality, he has a few Hobbies.

What many don’t know is that the actress is a real football fanatic. Born in Barcelona, ​​from an early age she felt a special affection for the Barcelona Football Club, proving it on his Instagram whenever he gets the chance. She was even invited by the institution itself for one of the events. ” Grateful to BarçaTV for inviting me to the special show to celebrate the double“, he wrote in 2016 while posing with two of the cups obtained by the team.

The artist, who also stands out as a dancer and jazz lover, did not hesitate to share a photo of Leo Messi celebrate with classmates, despite March 8. ” I know it’s women’s day and I swear I’m a head to toe feminist, but it’s so strong. #ConflictToTheMaximum“, he wrote jokingly, specifying that his main love is this sport.

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