"Device B" says goodbye this Saturday at Almazenna Teatro

The theatrical show “Device B “which premiered in the month of September and which brings together three works of micro theater by the teacher and playwright Fernando Zabala, I know says goodbye this Saturday, November 27 at the Almazenna Teatro room.

The author and director says:

¨We are very happy to have made this show that stimulates us and that imposes new challenges on us. A few days ago, Device B was presented in virtual format at the IV International Theater Festival ¨Olmedo Vive¨. It is the second time that I have participated in this great festival and it is a real pleasure to meet again with great creators.

On the other hand, actress Maru Ormeño recently joined. It is interesting what Maru brings to each work, I always maintain and I never tire of saying it, each actor and each actress, prints their personal stamp and that greatly increases the meaning of a show.

How the laying is articulated

The first work that can be seen is ¨Sisyphus and after¨, then it follows ¨Sonata of half body¨ and ends with ¨Resplandor¨. The three works are currently participating in the cycle organized by the Network of cinemas: More theater.

¨Sisyphus and after¨ it is a fable in miniature, a myth covered by another myth. Sisyphus is punished by the Gods to stop his unavoidable march towards nothingness, the huge stone is reduced to a small rock and now his sentence is the endless stillness in the desert.

"Device B" says goodbye this Saturday at Almazenna Theater

¨Sonata of half body¨ She is the woman who weaves in the vigil, the woman who looks at what her eyes cannot see, the woman who sees herself dying from outside in the window.

¨Resplandor¨ it is the search for a small oasis of light in the confinement, the unsuccessful attempt to scratch a truncated illusion that vanishes into routine, of two ephemeral creatures that awaken without having awakened.

Who makes Dispositovo B

The works that can be seen this Saturday, November 27, feature a performance by Maru Ormeño and Fredy Nadaya. The dramaturgy and direction is in charge of Fernando Zabala and the technical assistance is of Emanuel Velázquez.

To schedule:

Device B can be seen this Saturday, November 27 at 9:00 p.m., in the Almazenna Teatro room, on Calle 9 de Julio 4331, half a block from Sagrada Familia. Advance ticket reservations can be made at the following telephone number: 8952409.

Fredy Nadaya and Maru Ormeño put the body to the three micro-stories
Fredy Nadaya and Maru Ormeño put the body to the three micro-stories

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