Deputies asked for a report on the disappearance of Marcela López

Santa Cruz

The legislators approved a Resolution calling for various measures for the disappearance of Marcela López Frey.

Chaired by the Lieutenant Governor Eugenio Quiroga in the first term and the 1st Vice President Karina Nieto after the 13th Ordinary Session of the current legislative period was held.

There, they were approved by a Resolution that was modified on the premises and that requests the Executive Power, through the Subsecretariat for Women and the Secretariat for Human Rights, to make a complete report of their interventions, in the case of the physical disappearance of Marcela lopez Frey occurred on May 22 of the current year. They also request that all the means and trained personnel be made available to the Judicial Power in order to carry out a process that allows the timely and proper conduct of expertise and the production of evidence that allow investigating the whereabouts of Marcela lopez Frey. In article 3 They urge the Judiciary to instruct the necessary means to carry out the judicial investigation as quickly as possible in order to clarify what happened. Finally, they request the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity of the Nation and the Undersecretary of Women of Santa Cruz to contribute all their resources in order to collaborate with the judicial investigation through the figure of “Amicus Curiae”.

“We ask that it be investigated; that the issue is not abandoned and that the Government of the Province can support justice. They have not heard from Marcela for months and while the family and the community suffer from her disappearance, the legislators continue with Chicanas, bureaucracy and lies, “he exclaimed Nadia Ricci, author of the project.

The Deputy stressed that it is an urgent issue that cannot continue to wait any longer: “There are urgent issues that must be debated in the Legislature but the deputies draw up and stop the issues, to avoid debate.”

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