Dengue Cases Accelerate in Coahuila; there are more than 300

In the final stretch of the year, the number of positive dengue cases in Coahuila accelerated. The entity accumulates 338 people who contracted the virus, which is transmitted by female mosquitoes, mainly of the Aedes Aegypti species.

53% of the cases are concentrated in the municipality of Acuña and they translate into 178 of which 165 were classified as Dengue No Serious (DNG) and 13 as Dengue with Alarm Signs (DCSA) + Dengue Serious (DG).

The second municipality with the highest incidence is Allende with 133 cases of which 116 are DNG and 17 DCSA + DG.

In Múzquiz there are 14 reports of positive dengue cases, of which 12 were classified as DNG and 2 as DG. In Piedras Negras, four cases of non-severe dengue have been detected and another four in Nava.

The municipality of Morelos accumulates two positive cases of non-serious dengue and in Monclova, San Juan de Sabinas and Villa Unión, there is one case in each.

Until now, no official cases of dengue have been reported in the Comarca Lagunera and throughout the state, fortunately there have been no deaths from this disease. The statistical data are cut to October 12, 2021 and were provided by the State Secretary of Health.

During this rainy season, the population of mosquitoes of the genus Aedes Aegypti usually increases considerably, the main vector of the viruses that cause dengue, a disease that sometimes evolves into a life-threatening condition.

To prevent the proliferation and bite of the transmitting mosquito, the health authorities recommend that the population wear long sleeves, pants and repellent; wash the containers in which the water is kept and cover them; turn buckets and bottles on patios and rooftops to avoid liquid accumulation and keep doors and windows closed using screens.

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