Demos that will be made available at The Game Awards are leaking through the Xbox Store

Players will be able to test Nobody Saves the World and Mind Scanners for free after an event

Every year some demos are usually made available during the Game Awards. In 2021 it will be no different, two TGA demos leaked in advance through the Xbox Store. Nobody Saves the World and Mind Scanners games can be tested for free after the event.

There is no confirmation as to when the demos will be available, or if further demos will be offered to the public. Below you can check the Xbox Store images of the pages of each game.

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is a beat’em up style action/adventure game developed by Drinkbox Studios, the same developer of Guacamelee. You assume the skin of a “nobody” who can learn how to assume the most varied forms, from rats, horses, wizards, archers, bombshells and etc, creating a varied and lively gameplay.

The game can be enjoyed solo or in online co-op with crossplay, with a release date slated for early 2022. Probably, during TGA 2021, an official release date should be revealed.

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Mind Scanners

Mind Scanners was released on May 20th for PC and also confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Brave At Night, the game will make it to Xbox Game Pass.

The game is a futuristic simulation game with a retro design, where you analyze the mental health of different people.

Through a scanner you analyze NPCs and must overcome different puzzles to try to help them. Your actions can “break” people’s minds, causing them to be declared insane.

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The Game Awards 2021 happens on December 9th, with the presence of the public. In addition to the winners in various categories such as Game of the Year, Best Acting, Best RPG, Best Soundtrack, among others, the event will feature 50 games. Rumors point to the unveiling of heavyweight titles, such as a possible remake of Chrono Cross, in addition to the announcement of a game related to the Zelda franchise.

Other information also points to a possible announcement of Bloodborne 2, which would be being developed by Bluepoint Games.


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