Demonstration to demand justice for Iván de San Segundo and ask for witnesses

Relatives, neighbors, friends, relatives and neighbors of Iván de San Segundo, the 18-year-old boy who was killed by a hoot a week ago, have been demonstrating since 19 on Thursday at the corner of Junín and Echeverría. It is at the corner of the Alto Rosario shopping center where a young woman and a man came to the aid of Iván on the night of Thursday, January 6, when he fainted, badly injured from a motorcycle driven by a friend. Julieta and Morena, Iván’s sisters, stated that the objective is to make the case visible so that it is not forgotten and requested that anyone who has any relevant data for the case bring it to the Prosecutor’s office in the Justice Center Penal (CJP) of Sarmiento and Rueda.

Protesters begin to arrive at the corner of Junín at 500. Photo: Nahuel Militano.

“We have to unite all of us to shout justice for Iván very loudly; don’t forget about my brother ”, one of his sisters proposed as a slogan in the convocation, which was also supported by the rogue idol Cristian“ Killy ”González. The technical director of Rosario Central joined the broadcast in a video and asked “to accompany Iván’s family in this difficult moment, to support them and especially to ask that we once again have a peaceful city.”

The case

The six days that have elapsed since that Thursday, January 6, at night, where everything was uncertain – except the certainty of Ivan’s death – did not throw up resounding news. The case is handled with marked secrecy.

“Everything is under investigation. There is no certainty, ”Julieta, Iván’s sister, told El Ciudadano. Along the same lines, an investigator consulted said: “We are gathering information in relation to the cameras and witnesses.”

Iván was left at the door of the Centenario Hospital by a taxi driver who took him up together with another young man at the Junín shopping center at 500. This became known after a girl who was waiting for the bus and a man who left the shopping mall presented themselves to declare and tell that after 22 they tried to help him. They saw him vanish in front of the complex when he was traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle. It was the driver of this shot who told them that there was a fight and got into the taxi with Iván. That boy and taxi driver appeared to testify the next day before the prosecutor Alejandro Ferlazzo. Where they attacked him, who or who, and why, was still unclear. “The statements are in reserve due to investigative measures that were fought,” they insisted from the MPA Communication office.

An unconfirmed version by official sources indicates that Iván could be attacked in the French and Echeverría area, in the Arroyito sector bordering the Refinería neighborhood. And that from there he was transferred to the shopping area. “It is not corroborated,” said spokesmen for the prosecutor Ferlazzo.

In addition, on Tuesday afternoon, personnel from the Radioelectric Command (CRE) took four alleged relatives of Iván who had appeared in the settlement of Junín and Francia, delayed, looking for a person who had been identified as the author of the fatal blow. It was a violent sequence, according to a source in the cause.

The quartet ended up delayed at the 10th police station. The accused is a young man of around 19 years old who this Wednesday approached the Prosecutor’s Office and – according to judicial sources – “was available for the time being delayed until receiving results on measures that the prosecutor released.”

However, “it is not the most concrete line that the Prosecutor’s Office has under investigation and he is not detained in relation to the case,” warned the judicial sources consulted.

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