Del Frade: “We prepare with everything for November, to recover what is ours”

The journalist and provincial deputy Carlos Del Frade obtained 2.6 percent of the votes and managed to go to the general elections. “With great emotion we want to announce that according to the projections of the official data and of our witness tables, we can communicate with great joy that we have passed the PASO. We are preparing with everything for November, to “recover what is ours” and make the dreams of a province with equality and sovereignty come true, he said. Del Frade heads the Popular Sovereignty alliance as a deputy, while Mercedes Meier, a former provincial legislator, will head the list of senators and senators. This new alliance is made up of the Labor and People Party (PTP) and the League of Free Peoples, the Intransigent Party and the Metropolitan Social Party and is accompanied by a number of neighborhood parties such as Sumemos Esfuerzos de Vera, the Movimiento Rosarino del Work and the People, the Casildense Popular Force, the Perez Confederal Party and the Popular Unity of Funes. In addition, the Alternative Citizen Space composed of nurses from the province will be part of it.

The Left Front-Unity also reaches the general elections since it obtained 1.76 percent of the votes. Inside the inmate Irene Gamboa prevailed over the inmate on the way to the Senate and so did Carla Deiana, a candidate for deputy. The force is made up of the PO, the PTS and the IS, it will be the unitary expression within the FIT-U.

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