Defense of PDI suspended by Vivanco Case accuses that companion had fired a shot that killed her

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An alleged new theory appears in the case of the death of the young official of the Investigative Police (PDI), Valeria Vivanco. This time, it is proposed by the defense of the defendant for the crime, Leonel Contreras, who points to another of the officials as the alleged perpetrator of the act.

This week was 7 months since the crime of the deputy director of the Investigative Police (PDI), Valeria Vivanco, 25, during an operation of the civil police in the Metropolitan region.

As recorded The MercuryDuring the last review of precautionary measures of the alleged perpetrator of the shot that killed Vivanco and suspended PDI, Leonel Contreras, his defense presented a new theory of what would have happened that afternoon in June 2021.

It is a thesis where it is insisted that Contreras was not the one who shot Vivanco, and attributes the fatal bullet to one of his companions, specifically, Felipe Gallardo.

In parallel, the Public ministry It indicated after an appeal in the 12th Court of Guarantee of Santiago, that Contreras was the one who “fired a shot, which injured Detective Vivanco, an injury that later caused her death.”

Given this, the chief prosecutor for Violent Crimes of the South Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office, Christian Toledo, assured that “if the defense theory were true, the discovery of the projectile would have been located in a different position of which it was finally found. It would have been located on Las Parcelas avenue or street and not on Santo Tomás avenue, where it was found. Likewise, if the weapon had been percussed by Deputy Commissioner Gallardo, that projectile would have ended up embedded in the vehicle in which the people who were being inspected were traveling ”.

One thesis and one discarded by the Public Ministry

The Public Criminal Defense Office made a report where its “objective was to carry out a 3D diagram that illustrates in a graph the position of the participants and the mechanics of the shot ”.

The first thesis is that of Contreras shooting Vivanco in the back. There is also a variant with a shot that bounces off the POI vehicle, and then go against the victim.

The second thesis is one that It is not valued even by the Public Ministry like the PDI, where it is explained that the driver of the vehicle was the one who would have fired, however, not the weapon is not described as that of the origin of the shot.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

There is a possibility that the charges will be dismissed at the end of the investigation, therefore The accused (s) should NOT be considered guilty until Justice dictates sentence against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)

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