Defeat of the national government in the PASO: What do the people of Salta think?

The Frente de Todos, headed by Emiliano Estrada, managed to establish itself as the most voted force in Salta, a situation that was not replicated in the rest of the country. In much of Argentina, voters lowered their thumbs to the administration of President Alberto Fernández.

With the result on the table, Get informed He took to the streets to find out what the people of Salta think. “I did not vote for any, for me it did everything wrong. Defeat is fine for meNow we have to see what happens in November ”, said one of those consulted about it.

Likewise, another person from Salta pointed directly to the way in which the social plans without any remuneration for financial aid from the beneficiaries. “Many receive a subsidy and they earn the same as we who work. To be clearer to you, The end of the month comes, they go to the cashier to withdraw the money and we work the month and get paid and it is not enough. That if they give it, but that people work, that they do something”, He expressed.

After acknowledging the defeat, the national government thinks about taking measures precisely on this last point, which would imply the conversion of social plans into formal jobs. In this regard, in Inform Skip TV, program hosted by Sebastián Quinteros and Federico Storniolo, himself Emiliano Estrada He also gave his opinion on the subject.

“I think that anyone who has a family and wants to put a plate of food on the table, what sets the plate is work and nothing else, because that articulates the family, gives you dignity, your children see that your effort is what brings food to the table, it seems to me that this is the path that a couple of months and years ago is beginning to ask for all the society ”, he indicated.

In this sense, he considered that the other reality must also be taken into account, that of the very hit economy, a problem that was aggravated by the pandemic. “You need to reach out to the one on the floor. There is that dichotomy of we have already passed the crisis, now we reverse it, Those are the things that society uses the vote very well to attract attention and say we want to go here, we don’t want to go, we want to go the other way ”, he said.

Finally, I underline that “If the national government can reverse this wake-up call with public policies for the next two years, it will have been a good message. There is no linearity between these elections and those that come, it is always good to listen to the people and that people also make themselves heard with what they think they are through the vote ”.

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