Declares: "The people must decide if a mayor continues or not “

The mayor of Monte Hermoso and deputy elected by the Sixth Electoral Section, Alejandro Dichiara, disagreed with the law that limits the re-elections of mayors to a maximum of two consecutive terms, on the understanding that a candidate is being banned who, in short, he will be elected -or not- by popular vote.

In addition, he argued that by presenting the project as one of “indefinite re-election”, it seeks to generate rejection in the common people, playing with the proposal of political patronage.

“I think the popular vote is being undermined when re-elections are related to the so-called ‘Barones del Conurbano’. Ultimately, it is the people who have to decide whether a mayor continues or not, “he said.

The future legislator, who has been in charge of the Montehermoseña commune on several occasions, pointed out that it is “the people who judge every four years.”

“So why should we ban a mayor, who wants to continue to be one and the community supports him, when he puts us in and takes out the popular vote?” He questioned.

Dichiara considered that it is a matter of justifying the regulations when referring to the communal heads of some districts of the Greater Buenos Aires and implying that they are reelected for reasons related to political patronage.

“To do that is to detract from the vote of the people. Today, the political leader no longer exists and politics is not as many think, “he said in Panorama, which is issued by “LU2”.

In this regard, he clarified that it will also be necessary to hear what the opposition says about the law -which was approved during the government of María Eugenia Vidal-, since there are many mayors from other political spaces who are now passing their second consecutive government.

An opposition legislator in the area, in favor of re-elections

Until December 10, Monteherseño communal chief, who yesterday participated in a meeting of the justicialist communal chiefs of the province, together with Axel Kicillof, Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner, pointed out that during the meeting this issue was not discussed -as it was I expected it to be done – although an increase in the funds that arrive through the Municipal Investment Fund, which is sent through the provincial coparticipation, was claimed.

“Specifically, we ask to double or triple it. We see it as a very important need, because it allows us to work with public works ”, he said.

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