Deadly downspout, drought and serial burner combo kills fish and turtles

The white spots are dead fish. Thousands. Photo: The Paraná is not Touched.

“The sponge of water, silt and plants was transformed into a dry and hard soil, all the fauna of the place is gone, some species escaped. The first to succumb were the fish, then the plants, followed by the turtles ”, says Pablo Cantador, photographer, meticulous observer and creator of an unprecedented visual record of the flora and fauna of the wetland. “It is hard to believe in what this place that overflowed with life was transformed, not even the horse wants to cross through the cracks in the ground that hurt its hooves,” follows the text on his Facebook profile Pablo LosAliadoS.

Long downpipe of the river and without a near end horizon, fires that occur without the State, in any of its levels and Powers, taking note beyond statements and announcements to get out of the way, are a combo of consequences impossible to define but , sure, negative for a biodiversity reserve and provider of ecosystem services such as the Paraná Delta. “Are the Ministries of the Environment of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos up to the task of what is happening?” Asks Cantador. And his answer sounds logical: “Everything indicates that no…, they do nothing to avoid the slaughter of the surviving fauna that takes refuge where they find some water, nothing does to avoid and find those who set fire during these two years, nothing does to put a brake on fish predation, it does nothing to control the armed people who enter the wetland ”.

The turtles, another massive death by the downspout and the burning. Photo: Pablo Cantador.

What the phrase refers to are the poachers who take advantage of the scarcity of land and the concentration of fauna to perpetrate real killings, the persistence of serial burners for the benefit of their livestock and real estate businesses in territories that cannot sustain them, the existence of fish-exporting slaughterhouses that induce the use of small weft meshes because the size of the fish caught does not matter if their destination is processing.

The environmental group El Paraná no se Toca (EPNST) released four aerial photographs taken last Wednesday on the islands off Rosario that show thousands of dead fish. “Today’s photos 01-12-22. After more than two years of this extreme downspout, most of the lagoons in the wetland dried up ”, the text accompanies the images posted on Facebook.

The same place in the islands of Paraná. Where there was water, hopefully mud remains. Photo: Pablo Cantador.

Few lagoons retain a significant water level “after months of closure”. With the high temperatures of recent days and the low level of the river that persists, EPNST continues, “a deadly cocktail was put together for the fish that survived in them.”

“Thousands of dead fish. Like this image, there are hundreds more throughout the delta, millions of dead fish far from the sight of most of us, ”informed the Rosario environmental group.

Again, the State in deficit: “Meanwhile, Santa Fe and Entre Ríos, during 2020 and 21, continued to set up export quotas for fish from Paraná. During this 2022, what will they plan to do?

Without water for the fish and the rest of the fauna of the wetland. Photo: Pablo Cantador.

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