DC Dual Force: New card game pits DC heroes face to face

Hearthstone e DC Comics a 80 km/h…

A Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced your new digital collectible card game, DC Dual Zone, in partnership with YUKE’S and with the Cryptozoic Entertainment and with scheduled release for 2022. A parceria a Cryptozoic Entertainment’s board game experience as a YUKE’S development team, which will also publish DC Dual Zone, the collectible card game featuring iconic characters from DC Comics.

O game is licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, ensuring that all DC Comics IPs can eventually be available in-game with a forecast for the third quarter of 2022, and must receive expansion packs second announcement. Similar to other digital card games, DC Dual Zone allows you to combine heroes and villains in decks of different categories, but also with board dynamics.

Credits: DC Dual Zone

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A Cryptozoic team responsible for DC Dual Zone gameplay design has been working with the DC Comics Deck-Building Game desde 2012 and before that participated in the World of Warcraft TCG card game development, with Cory Jones, CCO and co-founder of Cryptozoic, having been one of the members of the company to actively participate in the digital version of WoW: TCG turned Hearthstone.

Credits: DC Dual Zone

In an interview with GameSpot, Cory Jones stated that each player in DC Dual Zone will be able to choose up to two leaderboards and combine their skills and related minions into 40-card decks., with plenty of scope for creativity in the game styles and effects of each deck. Thanks to the experience of the team involved, Cryptozoic focused on create gameplay mechanics that make the game accessible and intuitive, without compromising the potential for complex strategies of players already experienced in collectible card games.

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All cards in the game will be in one of five factions separated by color, Blue (Tactical), Red (Strength), Green (Energy), Orange (Anarchy) and Purple (Tyranny), in addition to being separated into three categories, Leaders, Minions and Actions. Each player places their leaders in the lower corners of their 3×2 boards and from there they start to play two cards per turn, either placing minions or actions on the board, or even activating their leaders’ abilities.

There are rules to prevent leaders from being defeated right away, avoiding lightning matches and the game, which will feature subscription service with packages of letters, will also have a system with weekly PvE goals that will deal three new cards per week for each player, in addition to 8 free card boosters per month.

O subscription fee or package of letters has not yet been released but it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter on the official website to keep an eye out for more information. DC Dual Zone is set to be released in the third quarter of 2022 and still haven’t been also disclosed on which platforms the game will be released.


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Via: Ludopedia, Gamespot Source: Games Press

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