David Bowie’s favorite series was an Australian soap opera of 1 thousand episodes

David Bowie He was not only a pioneer in the world of music, but also a cultural phenomenon. Known for his experimental music, which made him an enduring symbol of popular culture; Bowie he left an indelible mark not only on modern music, but also on film history through his many memorable contributions.

Like actor, Bowie collaborated with some of the best filmmakers past and present including Nicolas Roeg in ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Y ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’ of the japanese master Nagisa Oshima. He also collaborated with filmmakers of the stature of David Lynch, Martin Scorsese Y Christopher Nolan and his music has masterfully sounded the creations of Wes Anderson Y Quentin Tarantino.

Given that he has worked with the best talents on the small and big screen, it is natural to assume that the taste of Bowie for film and television was exceptional. However, the favorite TV show of David Bowie of all time was actually an australian soap opera that few people outside the country have seen.

Entitled ‘A Country Practice’, the series followed the workings of a small hospital in the fictional rural town of Wandin Valley, in New south Wales, as well as his medical clinic, the village veterinary clinic, the club/pub RSL and the local police station.

The plot lines focused on the staff and regular patients of the hospital and general clinic, their families and other residents of the town. Through its weekly guest actors, who appeared in the series playing different characters, various social and medical issues were explored. The series examined current issues such as youth unemployment, suicide, drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, and terminal illness.

The cast of the series eventually gained national recognition and moved on to larger projects, and ‘A Country Practice’ He rose to fame for his iconic depictions of Australian animals such as “Fatso the wombat.”

With over a thousand episodes to his credit, Bowie claimed he was obsessed with the show 😵‍💫 and even invited Iggy Pop to see it with him. He was so impressed with the series that he asked the lead actor, Shane Porteous, to spend some time with him during his famous tour of the Crystal Chandelier.

Curious to see David Bowie’s favorite series? watch a clip of ‘A Country Practice’ next:

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