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In recent days, Giuliana Rengifo has been the main protagonist in the various entertainment media after the statements he gave about Alfredo Zambrano and later on Tomás Ángulo. The cumbiambera assured that the popular psychologist would have tried to outdo her when she took therapy under his charge.

This caused the annoyance of the health professional, who quickly threatened the singer with suing her for defamation if she did not retract her words. The event caught on quickly with the national artist, since this Tuesday she issued a statement in which she rectified her version and expressed the apologies of the case to the aggrieved people.

Tomás Ángulo accepted the excuses, although his daughter Francis was not entirely satisfied with the letter issued by Giuliana Rengifo. The young woman used her Instagram account to leave a few brief but forceful words as a harsh criticism of the action of the cumbiambera. She claimed that her statements affected her family.


“Clearly, my family was affected, but we grow with the damage. Everything becomes learning and each one always GIVES what he IS, ”said the young woman, who is also a psychologist like her father, in one of her stories on the camera’s social network.

Tomás Ángulo almost sued Giuliana Rengifo for two million soles. Photo: Instagram

Tomás Angulo accepts Giuliana Rengifo’s apology

After the rectification letter from Giulina Rengifo, Tomás Ángulo spoke and accepted the apologies of the national singer. However, the psychologist assured that he will keep said document to show any patient who doubts his innocence. “It was misguided, by the same rating hunting vultures. I accept your apologies and I hope this remains a precedent, “he said.

Tomás Ángulo was ready to sue Giuliana Rengifo for 2 million soles

Giuliana Rengifo was going to get into a big mess if his statements against Tomás Ángulo were not rectified. After the issuance of this letter, the famous psychotherapist assured that he had all the documentation ready to sue the cumbiambera for 2 million soles.

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