Danny Ocean and Tokischa release song "Dorito & Coca-cola"

VENEZUELA.- The Venezuelan artist Danny Ocean and the urban dominatrix Tokischa, announced that this Wednesday, October 13, would be the official premiere of a musical theme together, and although neither of them gave more details about this new theme, Netizens were excited to see that great musicians like them will come together for a collaboration that promises to be a success.

And it is that since 2020, the interpreter of “Mala” has surprised with the various musical collaborations with international urban artists, among which “Perra” with J Balvin and “Linda” with Rosalía stand out, which achieved the fame of Tokischa.

Once the song was officially released from Youtube, the reproductions are only increasing and the reactions of the fans of Danny Ocean and the Dominican assure that they managed to create a great song that, at the moment, seems to like several followers of Latinos.

The video clip was released two hours ago on the platform, which was directed by Rodrigo Films and is called “Dorito & Coca-Cola”, which caused amusement among some users. The film consists of an elegant meeting with his guests dressed in the style of the 20s, while lOcean and Tokisha arrive unexpectedly to make an important announcement: “I want everyone to know that people would be partying at 3 in the morning.”

From that point on, both singers take over the party to impress all those who insisted, in addition to making them dance to the rhythm of reggaeton and with some hints of Latin pop.

For now “Dorito & Coca-Cola” has more than 130 thousand views on YouTube and just over five thousand I like it from Internet users, who expressed their affection towards Tokischa for being so unique and leaving their mark on each song he collaborates on, while others They assured that this was a song that they did not know they needed.

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