Danna Paola receives an engagement ring at the airport

Singer Danna Paola He is very young and in recent interviews he has declared that now more than ever, he has found enough security and self-love to know how to wait for his true prince and take those great steps that a woman can take in her life. Right in the middle of that idea, surprise knocked on his door when they proposed to her nothing more and nothing less than at the Mexico City airport.

He was a fan of the interpreter of ‘Hey Pablo’ who sought and found her while she arrived at the airport facilities, to offer her an engagement ring. This action is believed to have been prompted by a recent love message that he shared through his social media. Danna Paola’s response and reaction was captured on video and went viral on the cloud.

The latest news of the 26-year-old actress was related to rumors that she had had some plastic surgeries that made her a completely different person, but now the approach is different and the interpreter of Read in the Elite series, has verified that it continues to be liked by the public and that its fans remain loyal to it.

The man who proposed to Danna Paola

The young man Eddu Vázquez was the daring gentleman who knelt before Danna Paola to ask her to marry him. He is a fan of the Mexican interpreter and it was he himself who was in charge of capturing that memorable moment on video, as well as the reaction of his long-awaited future wife for his daring act in a public space.

At the moment in which the actress of ‘Dare to dream’ stepped on the floor of the Mexico City International Airport, Eddu got in his way, got on one of his knees and questioned the singer about whether she wanted to marry him.

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The immediate attitude of Danna Paola Rivera Munguía It was a surprise and some nervousness, so her response surprised those present because she accepted the marriage proposal, although in a friendly way. The singer even boasted before the camera that she was recording her new piece of engagement jewelry already placed on your finger.

Of course, Ester Exposito’s former filming partner said more words to her lover; He stressed that they are still too young to get married but that they could be friends. “Because long live love and yes you can, put the ring in the place that is not in case it does not leave me”, exclaimed Danna amused. She added that she loved the crown that adorned her gift.

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Something that you are going to notice in the video from marriage proposal that Danna Paola received, is that none of the people who appear are wearing face masks, and this is because this event occurred before the contingency due to the virus began. However, the clip was recently rediscovered and is being the news of the moment.

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