Daniela Vega shares a photo of her adolescence

Daniela vega has become one of the most important public figures in our country. The actress has been in the forefront of world cinema after winning a Oscar for A Fantastic Woman.

However, this is not all. This, since the artist has become a true opinion leader within our country, bringing to the fore issues as important as representation.

That is why his Instagram has become a meeting center for thousands of people. A place that is again filled with praise and an important message.

This because the actress shared a photograph of her adolescence. To be more precise, Daniela vega uploaded a photo from 18 years ago, when I was just 14 years old.

The photography of the adolescence of Daniela Vega

Daniela Vega was filled with comments to share a powerful message on your social networks. This was accompanied by an unpublished image of the actress when I was quite young.

«This photo turns 18 today. My friend Ali took it. I had just put that piercing on, Monroe we called him. Maybe it’s still called that. I was still in school. How incredible how time tattoos experience »Vega wrote.

«I come from a long process of exploration, of physical adaptation that emanates from the psyche. From a tangled network of symbolism inside and outside my skin, to be able to be and to appear », added the actress.

«To place myself in shape and substance in space, in the safe walk of a personal and intimate work, which now comes to publicly face the reward: to prevail », emphasized the protagonist of A Fantastic Woman.

«I look at myself today in the mirror, without clothes, and without skin. Have a Thursday but the discount, my beautiful and jovial little girl, ❤️ “, Daniela Vega finished.

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