Daniel Sosa presents show in Torreón

He lives with his partner, but has not married and has a car that has not finished paying, that is why he considers that the aforementioned has to do with something semi-formal, hence Daniel Sosa will call his new show, which brought to the Teatro Isauro Martínez last Saturday night, September 11.

After more than a year of inactivity due to the pandemic, said venue reopened its doors for an event of this nature, which registered good attendance as allowed by the authorities.

The standupero entertained the lagoons for more than an hour with his experiences encompassed under the name of Semiformal. The show was opened by Grecia Castillo, who drew laughter from the audience.

At 9:30 at night, Daniel burst onto the stage of the theater. After greeting the spectators, he asked them, “What is the most beautiful thing about here?”

“Torreón, it is a pleasure to be here, here is father … his theater, the gorditas, his people and there are two Eiffel Towers, with them they wanted to confuse people, right? So they think they are in Paris,” he said after listen to some responses from the lagoons.

Daniel chatted about television from before and compared it to current content.

“There were novels like Serafín’s, which was very beautiful. I saw that novel in which they sang, ‘And the days go by, and the nights go by’, it was A thousand per hour,” he said with a laugh.

Sosa also made fun of how some women who go on a trip take the opportunity to take selfies at any beautiful door they see.

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