Daniel “Chileco” Espinosa: “Our colleagues are the most important thing we have”

Few know him from Daniel, less from Aroldo. In his native Reconquista he is simply “Chileco”. There he grew up, trained, built a family and developed a trade that has been with him to this day. “It is what has given me the possibility of reaching this place, that is why I am proud to be a truck driver”, he is sincere.

Today he is Protesorero of the Union but he has a long history and thousands of kilometers traveled to understand what the needs of the drivers are.

At the age of 18, he already went out on the road alone (or, rather, with the farm that he was transporting at that time). It was two years until he joined a company where he would spend the next eighteen. Soda and soda, wine and beer. Trips to Mendoza, Corrientes, and Zárate were the ones that predominated at that time.

There he learned the secrets of the trade, he grew up. The company could not overcome one of the cyclical crises in our country so it had to explore other paths. After a period of uncertainty, he finally joined the materials company of which he is still a part.

For some time he has dedicated his hours to accompanying members in the Reconquista delegation of our union, as a reference in the area, after having spent more than a decade traveling mainly to Buenos Aires, carrying cotton and diapers and bringing merchandise to the factory. or cement.

A daily task with colleagues

From the offices of this delegation he manages the Welfare Projects and union issues. He spends many hours informing the department’s truck workers who, on many occasions, are unaware of his rights and benefits. With its lilting rhythm –so characteristic of our north of Santa Fe– but sure, it comments, suggests and affiliates, always appealing to the truth.

“The worker has to know that when he leaves his home his family has to be supported in health matters. Someone who is used to going out on the road recognizes that this is essential ”, he explains. “This is a daily task in which Antonio Báez and a lot of colleagues accompany me. We talk a lot, we advise and inform with sincerity, as Juan Chulich has always instilled in us ”, he adds.

Regarding the more immediate plans of what is coming in the area, “Chileco” mentions the reincorporation of professionals requested by the affiliates (in a similar way to what happens in different parts of the province) and an expansion of the physical place to improve benefits and attention to workers.

Decades on a truck, many years in the union activity as a delegate, aware of his payments, Daniel “Chileco” Espinosa expresses in the north of Santa Fe a way of understanding and making unionism close to the workers, aligned with the perspectives of our institution. “The companions are the most important thing we have, that is why we take care of them and accompany them in everything that is necessary,” he sums up.

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