Dan Sur is the first rapper to have gold chains implanted in his skull

MEXICO.- Several musicians belonging to the Hip Hop genre have noted for its extravagant looks that seek to surprise the public and the more exotic the better. There are those who wear giant chains, diamond earrings and there are even rappers who have their precious stones embedded in their skin.

Who caught the attention of his followers is Dan Sur, as he surprised with his new appearance and his peculiar style, although he also generated controversy among Internet users for his strange way of wanting to show off his imageWell, the rapper put gold chain implants on his head.

Through his Tik Tok account, Dan Sur explained the aesthetic procedure For which he had to submit to implant hooks in his skull and hang the eccentric chains, but he did not want to give more details about it so that they do not copy his style.

So that no one else steals his ‘flow’, the rapper did not say what the name of the surgery was and he did not want to reveal the name of the doctor in charge of the procedure, but He claimed to be the first person to have gold in his skull.

Although there were users of the platform who doubted him and questioned him if it was really that material, Dan Sur decided to make a demonstration and submerged his head in water to show that he was not lying.

There are a lot of copycats, they’ve already stolen a song from me, they want to copy the flow from me, I’m really not going to be surprised if your favorite rapper comes out with my hair style tomorrow. I am the new wave, I am the new religion, “he said.

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