Dalma’s heartbreaking message on the anniversary of Diego Maradona’s death: “The world has been more for a year …”

On November 25, 2020, the life of Dalma Maradona the way he knew her changed forever with the departure of his dad, Diego Maradona. Over the months, endless conflicts were added to the pain of doubtful death, which is still being investigated.

And last night, just as the clock struck zero, the daughter of Ten He posted the first message in his memory, written from the bottom of his heart, which he posted on his Instagram stories.

“The world has been more horrible for a year because you are not in it …”wrote the eldest daughter of Claudia Villafañe in his Instagram stories, along with a photo of the soccer star with the national team jersey.

“Justice is the only thing I ask”, highlighted Dalma in capital letters, referring to the process that follows its course and that investigates the medical group that attended him in the house of Tigre where Maradona was continuing his convalescence after the operation he had undergone in the Olivos Clinic.

Days ago, the mother of Roma He announced via his social networks that he was not going to be part of any kind of tribute for this first anniversary and explained his personal reasons.

“I do this story because many are inviting me to different tributes that they are going to do to my father on November 25. And I have to be very sincere and tell them that for me that day is the worst day of my life, that I have totally canceled it “, said.

And he emphasized: “What I wish the most is that that day had never existed. As long as the dates change and they pay tributes to my dad, I’m going to love participating. But I feel that that day is not to honor, commemorate, much less celebrate. Thanks”.

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