Dahoud about Brandt: "We call him Junior Beckham"

The mood is great after a 5-1 lead, which was particularly evident in Julian Brandt and Mahmoud Dahoud shortly after the clear win over SC Freiburg – including amusing statements.

Best mood after five goals: Preparer Julian Brandt (left) and marksman Mahmoud Dahoud.

imago images/Moritz Müller

Mahmoud Dahoud had just scored for the first time in two Bundesliga games in a row thanks to his impressive 5-1 final point in the clear win over Freiburg, while his team-mate Julian Brandt twice found the head of Thomas Meunier via a corner kick in the first half. The happy faces of the two had already been captured in these scenes.

Shortly after the final whistle in the interview with “DAZN”, where both professionals appeared at once and positioned themselves next to each other, the mood turned up a little more.

Does Brandt not have to train crosses at all?

On one side was the 144-time Bundesliga player Dahoud, who often let his partner Brandt answer with a broad grin after the questions. On the other hand, that Brandt answered politely, but often had to look over at Dahoud with a smile.

Of course, the two also got really busy – for example Dahoud, who was really happy with the 5: 1 and admitted that something like that is of course the most fun: “It’s fun at the moment, definitely. If it works, it always does Fun.”

The former Gladbacher praised the former Leverkusen player Brandt for his great crosses to double Meunier and even chatted something from the team’s internal sewing box: “Julian really played a very good game today. He has such a good foot”, he must therefore, according to Dahoud “Not training at all. That’s why we call him Junior Beckham.”

“Of course we do standard training”

Brandt himself, whose two assists were almost like a double, quickly made it clear: “Of course we do standard training, we have our processes. What was a bit unusual today is that Thomas Meunier then finds his way into the goal twice. But like that, through training, it’s not all coincidence.”

What the 25-year-old wanted to get rid of at the end: “We lost feathers at the end of the first half of the season, so we sat down a lot and discussed the problems. I do think that more sustainability is coming in with us now.”

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